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What is sports massage?

Thus, we understand sports massage to be that set of massage techniques whose objectives are to prepare the tissues for a future effort, prevent future injuries, recover from injuries and improve the state of the muscle tissues after a major competition. In other words, the target public to whom this type of treatment is addressed are athletes who are preparing for a competition, who have just performed an intense muscular effort and those with injuries or ailments that need to be repaired.

Nevertheless, sports massage can also be used for maintenance, being an essential part of an athlete’s routine.

In the life of an athlete, frequent injuries and ailments are common due to poor training or overloaded training intensity.

This makes visits to the physiotherapist or masseur usually also part of their routines, either to alleviate these ailments, prepare the body before a hard training or recover it when a great effort has been made.

  • Prepare the tissues for sports effort, keeping them in an optimal state.
  • Prevention of injuries both in training and competition.
  • Recovery of the injuries that are presented and the physical form of the athlete.

Likewise, micro-tears can occur at a microscopic level within the muscle fiber tissue, which give rise to inflammation, regeneration and tissue remodeling processes that will last longer or shorter depending on their severity.

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