Facial Ultrasound

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Facial ultrasound helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles by regenerating elastin. The treatment activates the oxygenation of cells and the elimination of toxins and intensifies the moisturizing effect of daily creams. It also helps to reduce wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, revitalizing the skin and enhancing the absorption effect of anti-wrinkle creams.

One of the special applications of ultrasound is phonophoresis, a procedure that allows the introduction of drugs into the body using ultrasonic energy. This will allow us to introduce substances such as DMAE to promote tissue firming, vitamin C for blemishes, trace elements for acne treatments, hyaluronic acid to nourish and moisturize the skin. It is therefore a good ally for those patients who ask us for a comprehensive anti-aging plan based on a genetic study of more than 660,000 markers. In this case we choose the most suitable substances for our organism based on this exhaustive analysis.

Benefits of ultrasound therapy:
  • Attenuates and eliminates expression lines, wrinkles.
  • Reduces and eliminates skin blemishes.
  • Reaffirms face and body through the formation of collagen.
  • Deep cleanses the skin by eliminating toxins.
  • Eliminates acne and blackheads.
  • Greatly facilitates the absorption of creams and active ingredients.
  • Eliminates dark circles and eye bags.
  • Reduces double chin.
  • Increases skin hydration capacity.
  • Effective in reducing inflammations.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Mature skin with flaccidity, wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Dry, dull and dehydrated skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation. (freckles, melasma, etc).
  • Puffy eyes, bags and dark circles.
  • Poor complexion and skin tone.
  • Skin scars (stretch marks, acne…).
  • Oily skin with enlarged pores.
  • Flaccid skin with decreased muscle tone.

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