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What is the cauterization of warts and moles?

It is the process by which benign warts are removed from the skin, using electrical equipment that emits plasma energy as the main source in the wart or mole to be removed, removing it immediately, the patient will have a slight redness and slight swelling for a couple of hours, then will have a small scab, which mostly s after 3 days, disappears without scarring.

It should be noted that warts or moles are produced by the human papilloma virus, this is mostly genetic in nature, is found in the epidermal cells can settle anywhere on the skin, warts are viral, Sometimes they disappear for a while, then they come back or sometimes they grow and grow, they are unpredictable, but when they are cauterized they do not come back in the same place, the best we can do is to cauterize them sporadically to control them. They most often affect adults and are transmitted by contact, both direct and indirect, so after a few years they can reappear again, but not in the same place.

What care should I take after treatment?

The use of a sunscreen 50spf is recommended, sun exposure should be avoided the first week after treatment to prevent the area from pigmentation, i.e. to avoid getting spots, the use of alcohol-containing products such as tonics or astringents should be suspended, and the use of a moisturizing cream in the treated area should be increased.

Is Wart and Mole Cauterization painful?

The equipment emits a temperature that can be controlled by the therapist depending on the wart to be removed, the process begins with the disinfection of the area, then a broad spectrum anesthetic cream is placed to ensure the comfort of our patient for 15 minutes, the equipment is sterilized and proceeds with the treatment, each session will depend on the number of warts of each patient can be performed sessions of 15 to 45 minutes.

What care should I take after treatment?

It is recommended to use a sunscreen 50spf, sun exposure should be avoided the first week after treatment to prevent the area from pigmentation, i.e. to avoid getting stains, should discontinue the use of products containing alcohol such as tonics or astringents, and should increase the use of a moisturizer in the treated area.

In which areas can I perform this treatment?

Warts can be removed in visible areas, such as hands, face, throat, throat, neck, all areas except genital organs and armpits.

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