Facial Dermabrasion

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What is Facial Dermabrasion?

Facial dermabrasion is a skin rejuvenation procedure that uses a rapidly rotating device to remove the outer layer of skin. The skin that grows back is usually smoother.

Dermabrasion can diminish the appearance of fine facial lines and improve the appearance of many skin problems, including acne scars, scars after surgery, age spots and wrinkles. Dermabrasion can be performed alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures.

During dermabrasion, the doctor numbs your skin with anesthesia. You may also have the option of taking a sedative or having general anesthesia administered, depending on the extent of the treatment.

Skin treated with dermabrasion will be sensitive and blotchy for several weeks. Your skin tone is likely to return to normal in about three months.


After facial dermabrasion, the new skin will be tender and reddened. The swelling will begin to subside within a few days to a week, but may last for weeks or even months. Your skin tone is likely to return to normal in about three months.

Once the treated area begins to heal, you will notice that the skin becomes smoother. Protect the skin from the sun for 6 to 12 months to prevent permanent skin color changes.

If you have skin blemishes after healing is complete, ask your doctor about the possibility of prescribing hydroquinone, a bleaching agent, to help even out your skin tone.

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