Exfoliating Massage

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Exfoliating massage uses rough particles to remove dead skin cells, which produces a healthy glow on the face and body, dates back to ancient times.

Brighten your skin in a healthy way!

If the skin is functioning properly, cell regeneration and elimination takes place by itself without being necessary to propitiate the skin change. But it happens that age, hormonal changes, pollution and other factors, alter the ‘skin change’ and this is not done homogeneously and simultaneously throughout the body.

There are areas of thicker, rougher skin, others where the friction of clothes or shoes causes changes, there are lesions, skin alterations, etc., so exfoliating regularly allows to heal the skin in depth and uniformly.

Exfoliating Massage Objectives

Although for the described causes exfoliating the skin is very necessary to perform it twice a year, it should be taken into account that it is a gesture that we should repeat throughout the year, for some good reasons:

  • First of all, to remove dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin, to smooth it and improve its hydration level.
  • The skin is renewed and absorbs better other treatments (moisturizers, anti-cellulite, etc.) enhancing and improving their effects.
  • The skin looks healthier, smoother and more uniform, more luminous. In short, more beautiful.

When we exfoliate we activate the superficial circulation, revitalizing the epidermis.
If we are treating ourselves with an anti-cellulite, remodeling or firming body treatment, exfoliating the skin will also help us to enhance the effects of these products (creams, gels, etc.), absorbing them more deeply.

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