Reducing Massage

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How does the Reducing Massage work?

The Reducing massage consists of the application of products and intense movements to mold the parts of the body that contain excess fat and liquids. This massage generates a molding effect and body definition.
In this massage, the areas with the greatest amount of fat in the body are worked, causing heat with special movements that help to dissolve the adipose tissue. The movements and techniques of the reductive massage help to intensify circulation and local metabolism, to reabsorb fat and increase calorie consumption due to increased motor activity.

It is a massage modality that is performed with strong pressure and a faster speed than usual. The reductive massage seeks to help eliminate the accumulation of localized fat and at the same time, stylize the contour of the figure achieving a more aesthetic silhouette. This treatment is ideal to get rid of unwanted localized fat.

Benefits of Reducing Massage
  • Reduces and eliminates cellulite and orange peel skin by dissolving adipose tissue.
  • Helps in the elimination of toxins.
  • Reduces excess fluid retained in the body.
  • Stimulates relaxation and eliminates muscle tension.
  • Helps eliminate fat through stimulation of blood flow.
  • Accelerates metabolism due to the stimulation of blood flow, because it increases fat reabsorption and calorie burning.
  • Helps in size reduction.
  • Helps in the reaffirmation of muscle toning.

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