Stretch Mark Camouflage

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What is Stretch Mark Camouflage?

Stretch mark camouflage is a permanent treatment that uses the technique of tattooing with specific pigments that are deposited in the first layer of the skin to cover the stretch marks, allowing the color of these to match the rest of the skin,” explains beauty expert and aesthetics professional, Rocio Caballero, who has been developing this technique with great success for some time.

The treatment does not modify the texture of the tissue on which it works, it simply modifies the color. The color used is as similar as possible to the skin tone of the person, which is why the results observed are completely natural. It is a simple, painless technique that can be done in any area of the body and the results are surprising.

Stretch Mark Camouflage hides stretch marks in an effective, efficient and natural way, so that they go unnoticed to the naked eye. The optical effect is as if they no longer exist.

Technique and final result

To start the treatment, the specialist performs an assessment of the skin type and tone of each patient. After that, the patient’s epidermis is inserted with the use of extremely fine needles, seeking to imitate the color of the natural tissue, which allows camouflaging this type of marks.

On the other hand, the treatment does not modify the texture of the tissue on which it works, it simply modifies the color. However, to achieve excellent results, special care recommended by the specialist after its application is necessary. Moisturizing is essential, as well as respecting the instructions of the qualified personnel who performed the tattoo.

Tattooing is one of the most preferred camouflages, indeed, because its result is definitive.
Moreover, the pigment tone does not change color when exposed to the sun after its healing, therefore, the client should not avoid the sun, but on the contrary, she can enjoy sunbathing normally. Always bearing in mind that the healing period lasts an average of 60 days.

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