Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep tissue massage is a massage therapy technique that focuses on realigning and manipulating the deep layers of muscles and tissues, the movements can be for or against the muscle tissues, it is generally with greater pressure and slower than the classic massage. The results are an intensified massage that emphasizes relieving tension and pain in specific areas.

The slow, calculated movements used in deep tissue massage help to undo contractures and deposits in tight tissue that can cause pain, inflammation or reduce range of motion in the muscles.

When is deep tissue massage recommended?

Although it can be implemented in any of the massage therapies, it is especially recommended as a therapeutic remedy for certain muscle or health conditions such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscle injuries or cramps
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle tension or spasms
  • Carpal tunnel or tennis elbow
What should I do before and after deep tissue massage?

If you are going to attend your first deep tissue massage appointment make sure you do not consume food for at least one hour before the appointment, do not eat a heavy meal or large amount of liquids, and do not consume alcoholic beverages.

For deep tissue massage to be effective, you must be relaxed, be sure to arrive at your appointment a few minutes early to allow your mind and body to relax before your treatment.

After your massage drink plenty of fluids except for carbonated, sugary or alcoholic beverages, this will help your body recover from the massage and enhance its toxin-eliminating effect. In some cases, if necessary, due to the degree of spasm and contracture, the therapist may recommend thermal therapies (hot/cold).

Occasionally there may be discomfort in the treated areas which is normal due to the manipulation of the affected tissues.

Deep tissue massage can be a wonderful wellness tool to help relieve pain and improve health. Contact us for advice on whether this technique may be beneficial for your specific health needs. Keep in mind that it is just one of many techniques you will find at our center that we can use to improve your wellness and health. This is a holistic adjuvant therapy, never forget to follow your doctor’s recommendations and treatments.

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