Anti Acné Treatment

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Anti Acne Treatment

Anti Acne Treatment

Acne is a systemic disease, it manifests itself in different ways and at any time of our lives. Whatever type of acne you think you have, our Anti Acne Treatment will help you fight its symptoms.

Before deciding which treatment to use, it is important to identify the symptoms that are causing the problem. Treatments for mild to moderate acne tend to address one or more of the four factors attributed to the process. They work by:

  • Reduce sebum production and thus control seborrhea.
  • Accelerate the shedding of superficial skin cells (desquamation) and, consequently, help to cope with hyperkeratosis.
  • Combat bacterial infection caused by microbial colonization.
  • Reduce inflammation and, in turn, attenuate marks, papules and pustules.

Acne is one of the most common and serious problems during adolescence and part of adulthood. Several studies show that acne has negative consequences on self-esteem, confidence and quality of life. It is a skin condition that begins when hair follicles become clogged, and usually appears on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders.

This skin problem can be very annoying and persistent. Depending on the difficulty and type of acne, it can cause scarring of the skin.

Our Anti Acne Treatment is highly qualified to regulate and suppress the sebaceous secretion, and thus decrease the size of the pore and the sebaceous gland, also thanks to this procedure we manage to control and regularize the PH of the skin, eliminating impurities from the pores, accelerating the production of skin cells, helping to disinfect and decreasing inflammation.

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