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What is a relaxing massage?

Relaxing massage consists in the realization of superficial maneuvers in which the intensity of the pressure is soft and the rhythm is slow. maneuvers in which the intensity of the pressure is gentle and the rhythm is slow and repetitive and repetitive, so that by receiving a repeated and constant contact, the sensation of pain is lost and the muscles relax. the sensation of pain is lost and the muscles relax.

It is indicated for people with tension, anxiety, exhaustion which causes muscle stiffness and hardness. muscle stiffness and hardening of the fibers.

Accompanying the maneuvers of the massage, breathing exercises are performed, taking into account the areas where the massage is performed. breathing exercises are performed taking into account the areas where tensions accumulate, such as the trapezius, cervical such as the trapezius, cervical, temples, kidneys, etc…

Massage is an excellent way to give back to our lives the relaxing power of touch that relaxing power of touch that stimulates and gratifies us emotionally. Due to the sensitivity of the skin, massage can improve the function of glands, organs and nerves. glands, organs and nerves while relaxing muscles and providing a positive emotional feeling. positive emotional feeling.

  • They help reduce back and head pain.
  • They help to decontract the muscles and unload the tension that accumulates in them.
  • It helps us to release the pain that accumulates in the head and back due to tension.
  • Decreases our stress levels.
  • It favors a state of deep tranquility, since it lowers the levels of the hormone “cortisol”, which is secreted in large quantities in stressful situations.
  • It reduces blood pressure and improves circulation.

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