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What is Hair Dermapen?

Dermapen is a state-of-the-art device used in the hair mesotherapy technique. It is useful to stop hair loss and improve the quality and appearance of hair. We tell you how this microneedling or microinjection technique works.

On many occasions we have talked about hair mesotherapy. This is a technique in which, by means of microinjections (microneedling) in the scalp, products with different uses are infiltrated. Either to improve hair density or to achieve better hair quality.

For even more effective results of this technique, the specialists of the Instituto del Pelo use Dermapen to improve hair. This device is also based on the microneedling technique, but goes a step further and improves it.

The Hair Dermapen for hair enhancement: more effective and faster

The Dermapen medical device is shaped (and almost the size) of a pen or marker pen. For the medical professional himself, it is very convenient to use. It is an instrument that is equipped with an individual head in which a system of disposable microneedles working at high speed is located. This allows a faster and more precise technique of microinjections to inoculate the product under the scalp. This allows the active ingredients applied (depending on the patient’s needs) to penetrate better.

Dermapen is able to work the skin at various levels, from the most superficial to the deepest (2 mm). Working at high speed, the small needles of the device manage to open microchannels (up to 1000 per second) in the epidermis so that the active ingredients penetrate the scalp. And it is all these features of this medical device that make the mesotherapy technique more effective compared to classic microinjections.

In addition to the better and more effective penetration of the active ingredients, the usefulness of Dermapen for improving hair goes even further. The device is able to achieve a greater stimulation of the natural production of collagen and elastin. These are the proteins that act as the “scaffolding” of the skin and, therefore, of the scalp. And they are responsible for the youthful, healthy appearance and firmness that is lost with aging.

A safe and less invasive technique

Compared to other traditional techniques, mesotherapy with Dermapen to improve hair is not only faster and more effective. It also becomes less painful or less uncomfortable for the patient, as it is a minimally invasive technique, faster and more comfortable.

As the needles work at high speed in multipuncture, the inoculation of the active ingredients is performed more quickly. This allows the treatment to last no longer than thirty minutes. After this, the patient can resume normal life instantly.

The effectiveness of Dermapen as a device to improve the health and appearance of hair is clear and stands out for three fundamental aspects:

  • It prevents and slows down hair loss.
  • It achieves greater hair density.
  • It is able to stimulate hair growth.

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