Facial Cleansing With Dermabrasion

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What is Facial Dermabrasion?

Facial Dermabrasion is a treatment that through water and diamond tips performs a deep cleansing of the skin, eliminating superficial dead cells, grease and accumulated blackheads, reduces pore size, improves the rough texture of the face and reduces scars, thus achieving a uniform and smooth skin.

  • It works by means of tips coated with diamond particles of different graduations and a suction system.
  • Dermabrasion with diamond tips helps stimulate microcirculation, cleans and removes dead skin cells.
  • With its application you will notice a visibly more luminous skin.
  • Improves the surface of stretch marks.
Can it be applied on any type of skin?

Because it is a non-invasive method, it can be applied on almost all skin types, even sensitive skin. It is also effective on thick and rough skin.

Anyone can be a candidate for microdermabrasion as it is a non-invasive treatment; however, to determine this, as well as to provide you with an approximate number of sessions and all the information about our technology, you must come in for a free evaluation appointment.

What is Facial Cleansing?

Facial cleansing recovers the luminosity and uniformity of your face. Learn about how facial cleansing prevents acne blemishes and wrinkles and about the different facial cleansing treatments you can do at home or with a professional facial.

Get a regular facial so that oil, pollution or makeup doesn’t steal your years.

Dirt, environmental pollution, grease, makeup, climate and even stress are some factors that cause the skin to lose hygiene and with it all vitality and luminosity.

Looking radiant with a uniform and luminous face is important for those special photos and important appointments where you want to stand out and attract attention.

Facial to keep your face always looking young, our facial area is losing luminosity and uniformity in skin tone, but luckily it is something that is in our own hands to avoid with a good facial.

The Magic Beauty Spa team will make sure your visit is worthwhile, we are passionate about helping you discover what’s best for your skin. So, whether you suffer from acne, unwanted facial hair, or simply want to refresh your complexion, we have the most effective facial treatments on the market to help you achieve the results you crave.

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