Facial Radio Frequency

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What is facial radiofrequency?

It is the use of electromagnetic waves on the facial skin that, through specific applicators, penetrate from the most superficial layers of the skin to the deepest layers of the dermis and epidermis. The only thing the patient notices is a pleasant warmth. This heat activates the production of collagen in the skin naturally, helping to eliminate toxins. No local anesthesia is required prior to treatment.

It results in a smoother and firmer skin, managing to conceal small wrinkles on the face. In addition, it brings a greater luminosity to the face to remove the appearance of tired skin. In Hollywood this technique is known as “mini lifting”, because immediately after the first session you can see results. Many well-known actresses choose this treatment as a flash effect before stepping on the red carpet, probably being the worst kept secret in Beverly Hills.

What areas can be treated?

We can treat the forehead, eyebrows, crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, cheekbones, jawline and even the side of the neck.

Can I have facial radiofrequency?

Generally, the answer is yes. Facial radiofrequency has no major contraindications. It is indicated for people from early to advanced ages who want to treat their face without injections and without undergoing surgery. Our recommendation from The Magic Beauty Spa is to use it with time to prevent facial flaccidity.

How many sessions are needed?

Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes, this depends on the resistance to heat that varies from patient to patient. An average of 6 sessions is needed. We recommend one session a week and then, depending on each case, between 4 to 6 sessions a year for maintenance. It is important to point out that once the treatment is finished, no time off work will be required and the patient will be able to resume normal physical activity.

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