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What is eyebrow henna?

We start by telling you that henna for eyebrows is a treatment, a natural eyebrow dye with a shading effect on the skin. If you already knew about henna but didn’t know it could be applied on eyebrows, this article is for you.

What are the ingredients of henna?

Derived from the Henna tree and plant, the highest quality is obtained when it is extracted directly from the Henna leaves or trees and thereby offering superior skin permanence and coloration.

How does henna work on my eyebrows?

Henna for eyebrows leaves a “tattoo” effect on the skin and coats the eyebrow hairs giving a more abundant appearance. In addition, the innovative formula helps strengthen the hair, stimulates hair growth and restores the natural shape and condition of the eyebrows.

Why doesn’t henna affect your natural eyebrows?

At The Magic Beauty Spa, we use a henna that does not contain ammonia, any chemicals, lead or peroxide. It contains hydrolyzed proteins, is vegan, with vitamin complex and antioxidants so it is ideal for sensitive skin.

However, if you have had a history of allergic reaction, we recommend a sensitivity test 24 hours before the treatment.

Why use Henna for my eyebrows?

It is an excellent option if you are looking to highlight your eyebrows with natural products that do not damage them, or with non-invasive or permanent techniques, that is, if you are afraid of microblading, henna is an excellent option to start with.

If you are looking to recover and reconstruct your eyebrows, besides helping to make them more expressive, disguising gaps in the plucked or sparsely populated parts; the technique and result is also known as HD Eyebrow.

How long does henna last on my eyebrow?

The permanence of henna on the eyebrow is of maximum 2 weeks on skin and 3 weeks on hair, approximately. The effect varies according to the type of skin, if it is oily or dry, aftercare, among others. The skin on the face is the oiliest skin on the body and it is constantly exfoliating naturally.

If you want something that lasts longer we invite you to learn about microblading that lasts up to 18 months on your eyebrow without makeup.

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